Real casting calls from real casting websites. Brought to you by the eagle-eyed @ProResting

A 20 something girl who is defined as a slut.

A dildo possessed by Hitler’s soul wreaks havoc in a small Nebraskan sex shop.

We require you to wear tight fitting formal dress, as to show your wonderful slim body!

He has an epileptic fit & faints while they have sex on top of him. 

An out of work actress who’s scraping by as an online adult entertainer.

At times it’ll feel like a porn when filming but, in the scale of things, it adds to the story & character.

She looks like a trollop but tries to dress a bit classy.

Ever fancied being burned at the stake, thrown into a pond or hung from a tree? 

She is crass and unsophisticated even for a whore.

The female role provides the sexy scenes in our film.