Real casting calls from real casting websites. Brought to you by the eagle-eyed @ProResting

The female roles in this film will be subjected to sexist or misogynistic language by the male actors. 

A druggie prostitute who gets passed around. 

Dead call girl lying naked on the bathroom floor. 

We require the 2 female actresses to resemble strippers. Alien strippers. 

Every video needs its eye candy, and despite the grittiness of the environment we feel having some pretty girls in various places will be a nice change of pace.

A woman is pulled along by a string tied to her ring finger, tape across her mouth. A dark version of the male fantasy of silent, submissive women.

The female character’s top is ripped open before she is killed. She has no lines. 

A bit overweight who was unexpectedly brilliant at yoga. 

No on-screen nudity required, however some off-screen nudity may be required.

No pay but I make a mean cinnamon bun. If you help, you’ll be gifted several cinnamon buns.