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Receptionist With the Huge Boobs

The receptionist where Pete (our anti-hero) works, she is known by Gareth and Pete as ‘The Receptionist With the Huge Boobs’. Both have a laddish crush on her. She is pretty but knows it and, as the name suggests, she has huge boobs.

Dream Girl

Beautiful, Hot, Sexy, Pretty - just be good looking in a bikini. Breasts: You gotta have something that bounce when you run. Not huge though.

Female: beautiful, aged 18-40.

Male: characterful, aged 45-99.

Sexy female in a bikini/sexy outfit & lap dancing Satan. We also need 1 Science Geek Male.

She makes love to him & makes him happy because he’s the breadwinner & she’s a bored housewife. 

Looking for Attractive/Confident Models/Actresses for Film About Tolerance

A husband copes through everyday stress because he has a gorgeous wife at home that makes him happy

E.g. he is in a very demanding job where his bosses are pressuring him to hit targets and yet he stays calm because when he comes home, he has a beautiful wife who greets him and they have passionate evenings to keep the romance blossoming

Looking for attractive model/actresses to play the wife who is seductive, alluring and feisty and is full of energy and romance, she makes love to him and makes him happy because he’s the bread winner and she’s a bored housewife, in return he ends up in a series of stressful situations that never seem to affect him because his sex and love life is so good.

Sensible weight restrictions should be kept in mind when applying to be a sought after Princess.

Although beautiful she’s a really intelligent woman. 

Character: Labia Lucy. 

Just so you know you aren’t being exploited, the director gets naked in all his films so you won’t be alone.